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If you have a negative review or comment online we can normally help you quickly remove it

Each week complaint based websites are popping up around the internet. These websites offer individuals an opportunity to submit negative feedback about certain companies. Not all complaint-based websites are legitimate websites for the companies that they are portraying to be. While this could be a positive idea, revealing that they are not part of the company is deceiving. By misinforming the public that they are affiliated with the company, leads to frauds and illegitimate information.

Our focus is to represent the companies who are being misrepresented and severely affected by negative reviews on websites such as,,,,, as well as many other complaint websites online. When complaints are being neglected it can do you business no good at all, The general public can never get Negative reviews removed from the websites.


Many consumers research the companies they purchase from before they purchase their goods. By doing this, they look at all reviews from many different review sites online. All companies have issues with negative reviews. This is especially so for companies who deem themselves the best. While there are as many as 97% of the population who post reviews, about half that post reviews that are positive. Most individuals will not post reviews if they are happy with a company. However about 70% of the population will post negative reviews. It is also proven that negative review sites get more congested traffic than positive review sites. Most consumers focus on the negative aspects of the company before deciding whether they want to invest in the company. Reviewing the negatives of a company is more important to most people than reviewing the positive aspects of the company.

There are many frequently asked questions about negative review websites. Here are a few.

• Do you have any affiliation with negative complaint websites?

While we don’t have our own review websites, we have access to key personnel of several large review websites online. These review websites permit us to remove content from the sites for a fee

• I heard that no one can remove content from sites like How can you?

We have a strong affiliation with the websites that allows us to remove complaints in over 90 percent of the cases at hand. It also depends on the complaint itself

What is the process?

Each circumstance is different. We focus on several different areas. Such areas include how many complaints are being made. What types of complaints are issued such as fraud complaints or customer service issues? By reviewing each question, we can decide how it will affect the problem and how to find the solution. We have a good previous relationship and very good contacts with a few websites and are able to remove it directly with the website. Sometimes it is more important to provide information about legal aid. In this case, we are able to give you access to an experienced lawyer for any advice that is needed.

• Are there any guarantees that a negative review will be removed from my website?

Yes we guarantee that the complaint will be removed from the website. However, some can and do take longer than others to remove

This is way we only take half the payment first for removal of negative posts then when they are completely gone we will collect the other half

We think this is the fairest way to do this as it shows trust from both sides

Complaint board,,, and many more, we have the contacts in place now to remove content

What are you waiting for if you have negative reviews deal with them now why wait, sort them out right now and get your business back on track

Remove Negative Content

• Is there a period of time that a negative review will be removed from my website?

Complaints can be removed in as little as a week. It can take many months to remove a certain complaint as well. This depends on the situation and if there are any legal issues with that certain complaint.

We like to say a couple of weeks to be safe but you only pay the full amount when the review is removed and you are 100% happy

Remove Bad Reviews From Complaint Websites

How much would it cost to remove a negative review from a website?

Please email us for details as every case is different

• Why do I need you to remove the negative reviews?

Review sites can be very tricky when providing aide to businesses. This is especially so, when it involves negative feedback. These review sites claim they can’t remove the negative feedback that is posted on their sites. They simply don’t want to work with individual businesses. Instead, they prefer to work with a separate company that can act as a go between for both companies. Our company is able to utilize those relationships with many different review websites.

This allows us to work with them privately and efficiently. We utilize more experience, key relationships, and charge less than many other competitors on the Internet today.

We can remove all posts for you and in the case of the complaints board etc you only pay when its removed

• Do you get compensation for your clients?

Our clients are seeking professionals to remove the negative feedback for their companies. The only compensation that our clients acquire is the happiness that the negative reviews are removed from their sites. This is achieved by removing it as quickly and cost effective as possible. We do not care if the complaint is true or false. We stand by our clients 100 percent. We aim to obtain as much information that we can when it comes to any negative review that a company wishes to have removed from any website. We are of the upmost professional in dealing with companies who wish to keep their reviews as positive as can be.

If you need a complaint removing from the Internet fast then you need us

If you have any negative reviews, and would like to learn what we can do for you, Contact Us

Remember we guarantee our service.


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